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Chin shaping with an implant

Chin shaping with an implant
Plastic surgery of the chin area with an implant is a surgical procedure in which the lower part of the face in the area of ​​the mentum improves the shape and projection. This is achieved by using a bio-compatible implant and its subsequent fixation with titanium screws. The incisions are in the oral cavity or in the fold under the chin. This operation can be combined with another type of cosmetic surgery.

This intervention can be performed only surgically. Non-surgical methods for modeling the chin can not lead to the desired result and durability of the effect.

Mentoplasty can be performed at any time after the complete anatomical formation of the lower jaw, which occurs at 18 years of age.

The operation lasts about 60-90 minutes, and the patient remains under observation in the clinic for 24 hours. Contraindicated, preoperative use of drugs associated with prolonging the bleeding time and clotting. If it is necessary to use them for medical reasons, it is necessary to inform your plastic surgeon. Post-operatively, oral hygiene with antiseptic solutions is required for 5 to 7 days. The sutures of the operative incision self-degrade. It is forbidden to eat solid and hot foods for a period of 21 days.