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Face Lipofilling

Face Lipofilling
Lipofilling is the transfer of fat from one area of ​​the body to another. It uses the patient's own fat cells to add volume to the soft tissues. The fat is taken with thin cannulas through small incisions, as in ordinary liposuction. After filtration, the isolated fat cells are injected into the deficient areas. In addition to adding volume, post-lipofilling reduces scarring by improving the quality and elasticity of the covering skin.

Lipofilling is used for soft tissue augmentation, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, facial reconstruction and breast surgery (both aesthetic and reconstructive).

» Technique

Prior to surgery, appropriate donor sites for adipose tissue collection are identified. This includes the inside of the knee, thigh, abdomen, the folds of fat at the waist, back, upper inside of the arm and neck. In many cases, it may take two to three lyophilization attempts to achieve the desired effect

» Postoperative care

Many patients feel some areas stiff postoperatively. This is due to swelling, mild trauma to the sensory nerves and the fact that a local anesthetic has been used.

Common consequences:

Common lipofilling complications:

Lipofilling benefits:
Improving both the recipient site and the site where the fat is taken
Face Lipofilling