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Removal of the Bichat fat

Removal of the Bichat fat
A bisectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a structure known as a fatty island (or sac) of Bichat, which is located in the cheek area just below the lower edge of the cheekbone.
Bichat bags are essential for the baby, they help him with sucking movements, putting pressure between the cheeks and gums. They are also responsible for the beautiful roundness of the child's face!
Bichat bags have support ties that loosen over time. This causes the adipose tissue to slip, which gives us an aged look and makes the face look too full.

Which patients are indicated for this operation?

Indicated for this operation are patients in whom there is excessive roundness of the lower third of the face
The result of the intervention is:
• more pronounced lower third of the face;
• more pronounced cheekbones;
• the characteristic V-shape of the face is achieved.

How is a bisectomy performed?

Bichat adipose tissue is accessed through a small incision in the mucosa located in the oral cavity in front of 6-7 teeth (molars). With a thin microsurgical instrument, the fatty conglomerate is pinched and pulled while visualizing its vascular pedicle using an electric knife .. The incision is sutured with single absorbable sutures.

What is anesthesia?

When the bisectomy is performed alone, it can be performed under local anesthesia. When combined with other surgical interventions in the facial area for aesthetic purposes, the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

How long does the operation last?

The operation lasts about 60 minutes.

Recommendations AFTER the operation

• After the operation, a compression bandage is applied to the face for several hours in order to reduce swelling and prevent hematomas.
• It is important to maintain perfect oral hygiene. It is recommended to rinse the oral cavity with oral disinfectant solutions.
• It is recommended to take liquid during the first 24-48 hours

When is the effect of the operation seen?

Removed adipose tissue is not restored.
The effect is noticeable for another 1.5-2 months after the intervention, but the definitive results are available between 4-6 months after the operation, when the soft tissue swelling in the area is finally absorbed.