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Brow lifting

Brow lifting
This is a surgical procedure to symmetry the position of the eyebrows when relaxing the facial skin. In brow lifting - the eyebrows are raised, restoring the balance between the muscles, elevators and depressors responsible for the movement and position of the eyebrows. The incisions are usually hidden in the hairy part of the head or eyebrow. Fixation of the raised tissues is performed by sutures, titanium screws in the underlying bone or fascia. This operation can be combined with another type of cosmetic surgery.

The technique of processing the outer corner of the eye for smoothing wrinkles is similar, and at the same time a change in the shape of the eye to almond-shaped and slightly elongated, exotic can be achieved.

Brow lifting cannot stop the process of sagging facial soft tissues forever, but it can significantly slow it down and symmetry the anatomical elements in the upper third of the face for a significant period of time.

Brow lifting can only be performed surgically and non-surgical methods of rejuvenation do not lead to the same result as effectiveness and duration.

The operation lasted about 60 minutes, and the patient remained under observation in the clinic for 24 hours. Contraindicated, preoperative use of drugs associated with prolonging the bleeding time and clotting. If it is necessary to use them for medical reasons, it is necessary to inform your plastic surgeon.

The procedure guarantees minimal swelling and quick recovery. The swelling of the soft tissues passes in 2-3 days. Full recovery is after 7-10 days.

When performed at a younger age, the results are longer lasting, because then the elasticity of the tissues is greater. The moment of this intervention is strictly individual and is determined by the drop of the eyebrows to a degree that could not be successfully treated with non-invasive procedures (smoothing wrinkles, fillers, mesotherapy, etc.). Most often, brow lifting is performed in patients between 40 and 65 years.