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Surgical treatment of hernia

Surgical treatment of hernia
Hernia is the passage of abdominal organs or parts of them wrapped in a hernia sac, through defects (openings) of the abdominal wall to the outside. Most often, a hernia can become trapped. Conditions for obtaining this complication are a narrow hernial opening, an enlarged hernial contents, old age. The disease is accompanied by acute pain in the area, inability to retract the hernia, bloating, cessation of flatulence and feces. In case of untimely treatment, the entrapment can lead to a breakthrough in the wall of the intestine or other hollow organ.

Surgery is recommended immediately after diagnosis or shortly thereafter, wearing a bandage is not recommended as it does not cure the hernia, causes skin irritation and adhesions between the layers of the abdominal wall, which complicate the operation. The risks for you in a planned surgical intervention are minimal, while in the case of already developed complications they increase.

Complaints in patients with inguinal hernia are:

You may have blood tests, ECG, X-rays, endoscopy and more. Your consent will be taken for them additionally. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe medication to prepare you for surgery. Surgical treatment will be performed under general or local anesthesia, of which you will be explicitly notified and your consent will be sought.

In hernia surgery, artificial material (nets) can be used to strengthen the hernia defect. This technique is not mandatory, but is appropriate for large defects and recurrent hernias. Your stay in the clinic will be not less than one day, during which time you will be required to actively assist in the treatment process. An operation performed by an experienced surgeon leads to a full recovery of working capacity within one month, and for manual workers - up to three months. Sex life should not be disturbed. In the presence of additional risk circumstances that increase the possibility of recurrence, the surgeon will give you additional instructions.