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A woman's genitals change - the labia minora become larger than the labia majora and change color - they become darker. Some patients are traumatized because during intercourse they experience swelling and pain in this area, excess skin makes it difficult to stimulate some of the strongest erogenous zones.
These changes can be corrected with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Operative intervention:
Labiaplasty is a remodeling of the labia minora - Removes excess skin and mucous membranes, reducing the volume and size and giving the desired shape to the inner labia. The seams are made with absorbable threads, which does not require their removal.

Duration: from 1 to 2 hours.

Anesthesia: Local or general according to the volume of the intervention

Postoperative effects:
Mild discomfort, swelling, tingling, slight pain, which is easily copied with analgesics. Temporarily reduced sensitivity in the operative area.

Complications: Infection, necrosis, bruising, permanently reduced sensitivity in the area of ​​surgery.

The patient is able to work after 7-10 days of rest. Exercise as well as sexual contact is recommended to be avoided in 1 m after the operation. Aesthetic genital correction may not always solve some of women's problems. In these cases, consultation with a psychotherapist is recommended.