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Breast augmentation and lifting

Breast augmentation and lifting
One of the defining characteristics of beauty, femininity and sexuality of the female figure is the bust. Breast augmentation surgery is designed to restore missing volume and provide increased self-confidence and confidence. After this intervention, the patients demonstrated significant psychoemotional superiority.

Operative intervention
This surgery improves the shape and volume of the bust, through silicone implants or filled with physiological serum. The implants are placed in different topographic areas - behind the mammary gland, behind the pectoral muscle or by the "double plan" method, in which part of the implant is behind the muscle, part - behind the gland. The latter method is used more often when relaxing the bust after birth. Surgical access plays an important role in implant positioning. Incisions are made in places where they are little visible - in the area of ​​the mammary fold, around the areola or in the armpit. Prostheses can be round or anatomical. Round prostheses are more suitable for women with a flat bust on a wide base, while anatomical ones are indicated for women with a slightly sagging bust. According to the height of the implant are divided into low, medium high, high and very high.

Implants can be used to:
breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
enlargement of naturally small breasts
recovery of breast size and shape after pregnancy, lactation and drastic weight loss
achieving symmetry with a difference in size and shape between the two breasts

Dressings: every 7-14 days
Duration: 50-90 minutes
Anesthesia: Most common

The operation can be performed on an outpatient basis or with a stay of up to 2 days in a hospital.

Postoperative effects
Temporary discomfort, pain, swelling, bruising, altered sensitivity of the skin of the breasts and nipples. Pain for 3-4 days, which is successfully controlled with medication.

Possible complications
Bleeding, infection and poor healing of the incisions, changes in the sensitivity of the nipple and breast, encapsulation, rupture or leakage of the implant (if the implants are filled with physiological serum), skin ripping.

The patient can return to work in a few days. Physical contact with the bust (except for the elastic bra or strap used to aid recovery) should be avoided for 3-4 weeks. It is not recommended to sleep on your stomach. Breast massages begin after the seventh day, following the instructions given. It is recommended to wear a supportive bra around the clock. The fading of the scars takes from 3 months to 1 year. Do not expose the scar to the sun or solarium until the 6th month of the operation.