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Rhinoplasty - nose correction

Rhinoplasty - nose correction
Rhinoplasty can radically change your appearance, correct congenital or acquired respiratory defects to improve the overall vision of the face and the patient's well-being. If you are not happy with your nose, you want to change its size or shape, remove the hump, narrow the nostrils, lift the tip and make it small and straight or slightly chip, then rhinoplasty is your surgical intervention.
The nose is the most central and noticeable part of the face and an essential factor for its proportionality and harmony.
The human face is asymmetrical to some extent. The goal of cosmetic procedures is not to achieve complete symmetry, but corresponding proportions and harmonious features.
Preoperative consultation is a very important part of the process of building your new vision.

Operative intervention:
Rhinoplasty can be performed in addition to adults and adolescents whose development of the cartilaginous skeleton of the nose has been completed - over 18 years.
During the operation of the nose, small incisions are made inside the nostrils, after which it is precisely and precisely modeled by reducing the length, removing the hump, narrowing the tip of the nose. If necessary, the nasal passages are unclogged and the nasal septum is symmetrical.
After the surgery, the patient remains in the clinic until the anesthesia wears off. A plastic splint is worn on the nose and tampons in both nostrils. For the next 24 hours, the patient has to breathe through the mouth until the tampons are removed. He can eat normally.

60 to 90 minutes

Depending on the indications and the volume of the intervention, rhinoplasty is performed with local or general anesthesia. The patient can leave or stay for medical observation in the clinic.

Postoperative deviations:
The pain after the operation is minimal and is caused mainly by the swelling of the soft tissues in the nasal area. This is one of the most traumatic operations in cosmetic plastic surgery, but the most painless. All stitches are inside the nose and are not visible. It is not necessary to remove them - they are absorbed by the body. The feeling of heaviness and slight discomfort lasts about 2-3 days
Bruising: 4-8 days, Swelling: 3-11 weeks, Numbness of tissues adjacent to 12 weeks

Postoperative period:
After the operation, you will be placed gauze pads in the nostrils and a splint to maintain the new structures until their final healing. Before discharge from the hospital, you will be given specific instructions: Recovery: Return to work without physical activity - after 10 days, with physical activity -21 days.

Final result: approximately 3 - 6 months

The final effect of the operation is observed at least after a year. The results are generally consistent; over time, however, the cartilage that supports the nose continues to grow and displace, which can lead to slight changes in the appearance of the nose.