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Prices for plastic (aesthetic) operations

Prices include all necessary services and consumables to perform the desired plastic surgery (hospital stay, room service, anesthesia, dressings, check-ups)

Aesthetic consultation €50
Face and Neck Surgery  
Upper or middle or lower face segment lifting €3500
Lifting of the middle and lower face segment  €5500
Neck lifting with platysma plastic €3500
Chin shaping with an implant €3000
Double chin removal €1500
Removal of permanent lip fillers €2000
Full face lipofilling €1750
Lipofilling of lips €750
Lipofilling of nasolabial folds €750
Lipofilling of cheekbones €750
Upper lip lift €2000
Removal of Bisha €2000
Peripheral surgery  
Direct Excision Brow Lift €2000
Temporal brow lift €3500
Upper blepharoplasty - upper eyelid correction €1500
Lower blepharoplasty - correction of lower eyelids €2000
Upper and lower blepharoplasty €3000
Transconjunctival  lower blepharoplasty €2300
Lower blepharoplasty together with malar lifting (middle facial array) €3500
Nose operations  
Correction of the tip of the nose €2500
Rhinoplasty - correction of the nose €3500
Secondary Rhinoplasty €4500
Ear operations  
Pinned ear correction €1100
Sticky ears correction €2000
Plastic ear lobules €1000
Breast Surgeries  
Breast Augmentation with Implants €3800
Removal of breast implants €3000
Breast Implant Removal and Breast Lift €5000
Changing breast implants €5800
Breast implant replacement with capsulectomy and change in position  €6500
Breast lift with round block technique €3000
Breast lift with inverted - T technique €3500
Breast reduction and lift €4500
Breast Augmentation and Lift €6000
Fix for inverted cheats €1500
Areola reduction €1800
Surgical treatment of gynecomastia €2000
Surgical treatment of gynecomastia and skin plastic €2800
Prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with implants  €7000
Prophylactic unilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with implants  €4000
Breast lipofilling €2500
Surgeries of the abdominal wall  
Abdominoplasty with navel transposition €3500
Mini abdominoplasty €2800
Abdominoplasty with recti abdominis muscle plication €3800
Reverse abdominoplasty €3000
Belt lipectomy €6000
Bra lift on the back €3500
Head Office Operations  
Auto augmentation buttock lift €5500
Shaping with implants €4600
Liposculpture €3500
Extremity operations  
Arm lifting - brachioplasty €3500
Thigh lift –  vertical taillift €4000
Thigh lift –  horizontal taillift €3000
Intimate area  
Reduction and/or elevation of the venereal hill €2500
Labiaplasty €2000
Circumcision €1000
Aspiration Liposuction  
Liposuction of anatomical area €700
Breeches liposuction  €1500
Liposuction of whole legs (breeches, inner thighs, knees) €3000
Abdominal and hip liposuction €2500
Neck liposuction €800
Operative treatment of Hernia €1500
Dermatosurgery €350

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