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About Us

Viva Clinic is a specialized private clinic in the field of aesthetic surgery. It is located 30 km from the city of Burgas, in the heart of the largest Black Sea resort Sunny Beach and is your perfect choice for a Clinic of Plastic Surgery in the region of the southern Black Sea coast. The clinic has modernly equipped offices and highly qualified specialists, assisted by the most modern medical equipment. The plastic surgery clinic performs a large volume of plastic surgeries on the face, chest, body and genital system.

How to contact us?
You can contact us on the phones of the clinic, the contact form on the site, e-mail and facebook-profile of Viva clinic.

The consultation
Nothing can replace a personal meeting and personal consultation for adequate assessment of the needs and characteristics of the patient. Each surgical intervention is preceded by a detailed preoperative consultation to discuss the goals and views of the patient and the objective possibilities of plastic surgery. Everyone is given comprehensive information about the preoperative preparation, the process around the operation and the routine procedures in the postoperative care. The price of the consultation is BGN 60. We offer the opportunity to conduct consultations in Russian, English, French, German and Spanish. Scheduling a date for plastic surgery: We are flexible and open to the wishes and convenience of our patients. During the consultation we will determine an appropriate date and time for the intervention.

You can get acquainted with the basic prices in our price list. We value your time, but in medicine there are many details that cannot be taken into account at first glance. The final volume of the plastic operation and price, or package prices for several procedures can be obtained only on the spot personally from Dr. Krassimir Kenolov. Payment is made on the day of the procedure or before, in cash, by bank transfer or by bank card.
The operation
At the agreed day and time, be at Viva Clinic where you will find a questionnaire about your health and additional discussion about the outcome of the operation. After the plastic surgery, you will feel fine, but you will be monitored for at least 24 hours. Postoperative period and care, dressing visits, recovery period, medications and dressing and suture replacement meetings are strictly individual, depending on the individual and the intervention. You will be scheduled for 1-3 postoperative appointments for changing dressings, suturing and check-ups. About 3-15 days after removing the sutures, you can resume your normal activities.

You can expect the final result of each plastic surgery after 3-12 months.

Up-to-date information on prices for plastic surgery is available in the "Prices" section. More detailed information, specifically for your case, you can get after a consultation at Viva Clinic with Dr. Krassimir Kenolov plastic surgeon.